Common Questions

How does Prism make money?

We make money through some of our biller relationships and we offer exclusive payment options. We absolutely do not sell your data!

I have a suggestion for the app - what do I do?

Message us in support, we would love to hear from you!

How can I contact you?

You can contact Prism a few ways, but the best is right here in the app.

Prism crashed or I ran into a bug - help!

Please let us know by messaging in support and sending us the diagnostic logs.

Is Prism available on Windows or Mac desktops?

Currently, we offer support for iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

Can I sync Prism with the device calendar?

We currently don't support this, but it is on our radar. There is a calendar view inside of the app though!

Do you support downloading PDF statements from my Prism?

Not currently, but we're exploring the possibilities for the future.

Does Prism integrate with password managers?

Not currently, but it's something we're looking at for the future.

Can I share my Prism account with another person?

Sure can, but make sure you really trust this person!

Can I print receipts or statements in Prism?

Not currently, but we'd love to hear feedback about printing in Prism!

How do I update my phone number in Prism?

You can now change your username (phone number) associated with your Prism account

How do I reset or update my password?

Need to change your Prism password, but can't remember your old one? With the newest release of Prism, we've got you covered.

Can I use PayPal to pay my bills?

We currently don't support this, but it is on our radar for the future.

Syncing and refreshing accounts

Generally, Prism will sync your accounts in the mornings, but if you notice an issue, you can manually refresh your biller.

Lexus Financial: Security Codes All The Time

Lexus Financial Services offers numerous authentication settings in order to access your account, one of which is incompatible with Prism.

Kohls Credit Card: I'm Having Trouble!

If you're having trouble adding your Kohls Credit Card in Prism, we have the solution here!

Toyota Financial: Security Codes All The Time

Toyota Financial Services offers numerous authentication settings in order to access your account, one of which is incompatible with Prism.

Macys: Prism is reporting my account is closed.

If Prism is reporting that you haven't added any of your Macy's accounts for online access, we have the solution!

I'm getting asked questions for an unsupported biller in Prism. Help!

Don't worry - this is actually a good thing!

Prism is asking security questions for AT&T that I've never seen before!

Looks like you may need to update your security questions with AT&T.

US Cellular notifies me whenever Prism accesses my account.

If you've recently added US Cellular in Prism, you may be getting sent security notifications.

USAA: Security Codes All The Time

USAA offers numerous authentication settings in order to access your account, some of which are incompatible with Prism.

How do you get all of my bill’s details?

We use your login credentials to sync and display your bill's information.

How often do you sync my billers?

Banks and credit unions get synced once daily. Other billers are synced about every other day.

My bill isn't showing up on the home screen!

It's possible you have a minimum due of $0 or your upcoming bill may not yet be posted by your biller.

Can I view my bills on a calendar?

You can view your bills in a list or on a calendar in the Bills tab within Prism.

How do I add a biller?

Add a biller in Prism to view and pay our bills right in the app.

How do I delete a biller?

Don't use a certain biller anymore? You can remove it from your list of billers.

What if I don't remember my biller's login details?

Having trouble adding a biller? You can always reset your login credentials.

I don't have an online account with my biller

You'll need to first sign up with them.

What if my biller is set on autopay?

We won't touch your existing setup; your payments will continue to run as they do now. We will, however, let you know if something looks odd.

Can I edit my biller?

You can edit your biller's info by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner.

I can't find a biller. Can you add it?

If you can't locate one of your billers, let us know and we'll add it for you.

What do I do if my biller isn't syncing?

Make sure you have entered your credentials correctly just how you would directly on the biller's site.

How do I delete a biller that isn't syncing yet?

Biller hasn't synced yet and you want to remove it? We're here to help.

Prism says my biller's site is down. What should I do?

If one of your biller's websites is down, we'll alert you in the app.

When will you add support for my biller or bank?

We have a prioritized wait list of billers that we are working through. Currently, we need at least 15 people to request a biller to add it.

Why 15 users before you add support for my biller?

We do so in order to verify we have a reliable audience "turn on" your biller.

How do I unmark bill as paid?

You can do this within the app!

Can I pay rent to my landlord using Prism?

Currently, Prism only supports billers that offer the ability to view/pay your bills online.

Do you support billers that have no websites?

Currently, Prism only supports billers that have websites where you can both view and pay your bills online.

Do you support investment or retirement accounts?

We don't support investment and retirement accounts as of yet, but it is on our radar.

My biller is locked - help!

Numerous unsuccessful login attempts can lead to a locked biller. Here's how you can unlock your account.

My biller uses verification codes. Do you support that?

Yes, we support the verification codes.

How do I update the credentials for my billers?

We will automatically detect when your login credentials have changed and prompt you to provide the new ones.

I've forgotten my biller's password!

You can use the Forgot Password link on that biller to reset your login credentials.

Why should I create a manual biller?

You can use Manual Billers to help remind you about various expenditures.

How do I add a manual biller?

Need to get notifications about a biller we don't support? Add a Manual Biller!

How do I delete a manual biller?

You can delete a manual biller by tapping the gear icon.

How do I change my manual biller's details?

Nicknames can be changed after selecting the Manual Biller.

My Manual Bill is not appearing on the home screen or calendar!

More than likely, the manual bill has not been set to appear yet.

How do I add my payday?

Add a payday in Prism to keep track of all your income.

What if I don't have regular paydays?

Don't get paid regularly? We got you covered.

How do I enter cash available on hand into Prism?

We currently do not support this, but it is on our radar.

How long before my payment posts?

Just made a payment? No worries, we make all payments directly to the biller.

When will my money leave my bank account?

Most payments take 2-3 business days to be withdrawn from your bank account.

Can I set up autopay through Prism?

Not currently, but we're working on it!

Can I use Prism abroad?

Going on vacation overseas? Then Prism is perfect for you!

How do I pay my bill?

Paying your bills with Prism is super easy!

Can I cancel a payment?

For payments scheduled today, you can cancel them up to 10 minutes after you make the payment in the app.

How do I change my payment details when paying a bill?

You can alter how much you pay, when you pay, and how you pay a bill in Prism.

How do I mark a bill as paid?

Did you make a payment to a biller outside of Prism? You can mark that as paid!

How do I mark a manual bill as paid?

Tap the bill of the manual biller you want to mark as paid.

What's the Prism Payment Promise?

It's simple! We promise your payment will be on time. Or we'll pay the late fees.

Can I pay billers that are on autopay?

Not yet, but this is a feature we're looking at for the future.

Should I use autopay?

Auto-pay can be great, but can also lead to unforeseen issues. Either way, Prism has you covered.

How do I adjust the amount shown on my bill?

Simply tap into the bill and update the amount you wish to pay.

How do I add a bank account in Prism?

Add your Bank Account in Prism to pay your bills with or to view your account balances.

I need help finding my bank account details.

Finding your bank account details is easy when you know how.

How do I update my bank account info?

Tap the gear icon on the bank account screen to update your information.

I have 2 accounts with the same name. What do I do?

Can't keep track of your bank accounts? Add nicknames!

How often does my bank account balance update?

We update your balance once every 24 hours.

Can I add a business bank account in Prism?

Just like a personal bank account, you can use a business bank account to pay your bills in Prism.

How do I add my credit or debit card?

You can add a Credit or Debit card to pay your bills in Prism.

Where is my card's security code?

For most cards, the security code is the three digit number on the back of your card.

How do I update my credit card info?

Choose the gear icon in your card's screen to update your card information.

I have 2 cards with the same name. What do I do?

Can't keep track of all your cards in Prism? Add a nickname!

What payment accounts can I use to pay my bills in Prism?

Before paying your bill, we will let you know which payment methods your biller accepts and which incur any fees.

How do I hide a balance?

You can hide one of your accounts from view on the Money tab.

Can I transfer money between my bank accounts in Prism?

Not currently, but we're looking at adding it for the future.

How do I remove a payment account?

You can hide the payment accounts, but not delete them.

Is Prism secure?

We're like a safe, that's in a vault, inside a mountain, guarded by dragons.

Can I add a PIN in Prism?

Learn how to add a PIN to Prism.

I've lost my phone - help!

If you've lost your phone, don't worry! We have several safeguards in place to protect your data.

How do I delete my Prism account and wipe all my data?

You can delete your Prism account from within the app.

Prism says my phone number is already registered!

No worries! We can help you out!

Does Prism work in the landscape mode?

Not yet, but it's a highly requested feature that we hope to support soon.

Does Prism send text or email notifications?

Not currently, but we're looking to add it in future version of the app.

Can I share my Prism account across multiple devices?

Simply sign into Prism on your other devices and your account will sync across across them all.

How do I update my zip code?

If you've recently moved, you can easily update your zip code in Prism and we'll help you find your new billers.

What are the colors on the home screen?

The colors next to your billers are auto-assigned on the home screen and are there to distinguish your billers from one another.

What are pro-tips?

Pro-Tips offer useful info on how to better use Prism.

How do I turn sounds off?

Learn how to disable in-app sound effects.

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